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NOTRE CRÉDO : l'équation du succès E=MC3 

Excellence is the combination of= Motivation of team members  x their  Competence  x the  quality of their   internal and external Communication x the  Coherence of  daily decisions and actions in connection with the strategy of the company. 

If one of these factors is 0, then there will no Excellence.”

l'équation du succès

All our sessions are guided by our motto E = MC3    to support our clients on the road from Performance to Excellence.

To promote Motivation for team members, we organise and handle workshops, team building sessions
To update their Competence we handle in tailor-made training sessions based on real expertise pedagogical engineering we set a competence guide.We also handle recruitment.
To optimise the quality of team members communication both internal and external we assist them through operationnal coaching
To ensure Coherence of daily decisions and actions with the strategy of the company we conduct audits of companies whatever their size

4 examples of MANEGERE's involvement with companies


In the very competitive area of industrial distribution which is undergoing restructuring, the performance of Client Service Department was identified as a strategic objective after the assessment and audit of the Client Service Department of the company by MANEGERE revealed its inefficiencies. 

MANEGERE took a series of actions to align the company on its strategic objective: seminar, team building, themed workshops mixing management and team members, training of managers, coaching of top management. 

Result: Change management was launched with the support of the entire team for the company’s project and processes in place.


In the hyper competitive and controlled sector of insurance banking, the issue was to move from a quantitative sale approach to a more qualitative one based on consulting to improve brand perception by the clients. 

MANEGERE did the audit of the sales offers of the company, the expectations of management, the practices of sales managers to propose the ideal sale approach depending on the agreed objectives and an action plan for its roll out. 

MANEGERE also trained the managers of the network to this new approach. 

Result: Adherence of managers to this new approach which has been adopted and alignment of the commercial culture to the objectives of the company.


A historic tourist site invested massively in the welcome of its visitors for a high quality upgrading, to double the annual admission capacity and develop new services such as hospitality and high end food and beverage. The internal sales had to adapt itself to the growth and change in market position by building on its existing strength. 

After a diagnosis of the initial situation, the strengths and weaknesses of the internal sales team and agreeing on the objective to be attained, MANEGERE implemented a training+ individual 

Result: involvement of the sales team in the project overcoming fear, ownership of the objective and better synergies within the team.


LADOM is  a government agency of which main mission is the qualification, professionalization, employment of natives and residents of French Overseas Territories. LADOM wanted to add value to its trainings by including the notion of support toward gaining employment.

 After a diagnosis of the bank insurance sector, its recruitment needs and the most wanted key competence, MANEGERE created  and implemented a  professionalizing program of 9 weeks, completely innovating,  including transversal partners in development engineering and suggested to participants a full program of training, coaching, individualized support by means of practice workshops.

Result : within 3 months of MANEGERE’s intervention more than 60 % of participants alternated job in target sectors.
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