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ISM method

"Because each company is unique, we co-build with our clients tailor made set-ups based on our own ISM methodology to support them on the path from performance to excellence."

I for Immersion

At this stage MANEGERE is able to grasp the specificities of the company under study to understand its culture, the internal mechanisms and interactions between individuals.
During this stage, the  firm meets the team members and has a firsthand understanding of  the situations to optimise.
During telephone interviews or face to face interaction
During on job sessions with team members
A travers des visites mystères
By mystery visits
By means of self-assessment sessions or self-positioning quizzes
At the end of this observation period MANEGERE writes a synopsis covering the key elements.
Recommendation of changes within the organisation
Identification of need and tools need to attain the objectives
Proposal of tailor-made services adapted to  the realities of your company

S for Tailor-Made Services

Based on the informations gathered and lessons learned during the immersion, MANEGERE offers a range of services:
Audit and implementation of new systems
Operational coaching to improve performance and upgrading of competence
Creation of monitoring tools
Designing of a framework of competence
Training, preparation of tailor made modules merging operational input, practical workshops, role plays, self positioning and teaching games
Teaching engineering

M for Mentoring

MANEGERE support team members taking part in a program individually or collectively to
Implement the new tools provided by the firm
Overcome challenges faced in the application of their new competence or a new system
Apply the gains of the training
Make the grounding of new competence daily and over time
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